Do you have some who represents the Game on Youtube ?

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Hey :) do you have someone who makes lets plays on youtube ? I thiKg this would make the game really popular and also helps to stay.

Maybe this post let you think about it 😜

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    Catan WE could support Youtubers to bring weekly videos about the game. It would be nice, although not essential.

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    There are a few people who have made some videos.

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    🤫 Friend, do you have any idea what you said in your comment? Do you think you're serious about saying things like that?

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    @Miraggen I was very serious. There is already some videos on YouTube about Catan and the Catan team have done some too.

    Also why would you like to pay youtubers to make videos? They already receive enough money with their views and advertising on their videos. I also think a YouTuber is only someone who want to show his/her face (and other parts) only to make profit. If you want to make a video so just do it and don't beg for money.

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    Friend, in this topic nobody talked about "paying" but "supporting", offering media support, access to information among others that can help in creating media.

    Today the people who dedicate themselves to this type of production do a great job in promoting and keeping active players in all games.

    See Pokémon Go with its influencers, how cool it is to follow news and events through them, don't you think?

    So to sum up you appear here and compare them with ****?

    Absurd your thinking, I think you don't realize how good it is to have people who talk about your favorite game daily.

    And worse, you don't respect who creates or absorbs this content ...

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