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How do you poly-antic?

0ZinkyZonk0ZinkyZonk Member Posts: 225 ✭✭✭

For those players who play multiple Niantic games how you manage to balance playing 2 or more games at once. Keen for your tips!


  • CATANGrayCATANGray Moderator Posts: 268 Moderator

    From my perspective as an avid consumer of Niantic and its games, it all comes down to which games make you click. I loved to watch every Pokémon show and collected tons of cards as my hobby. When Pokémon GO came out, I got addicted. Then there is Catan, a board game that I played as a kid with my fam and friends. Although it's not similar to the official Gameboard of CATAN - World Explorers, it's something that made me smile when I first played. These games add nostalgia and a feeling of connection which makes me want to play without my knowing. 😊


    Switching between them and completing quests and tasks becomes a day-to-day hobby of mine.

  • AshokaMaurya1AshokaMaurya1 Member Posts: 75 ✭✭✭

    If only we all could play CATAN: World Explorers to enjoy and have fun!!

    We wished, and we are still..... @CATANGray

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