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POI discovery

AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 662 ✭✭✭✭

I understand that the term ”discover” Some POI means just visiting the POI rather than submitting a new one like it does in Ingress. That’s OK, this actually encourages you to explore which is good.

But I read that discoveries reset at each new season. I’m not sure if that’s a very good thing to do. One month is very short time for most players to explore whole their playing area. Then if you just lose all your progress it would be just annoying. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I understood from the info.


  • BlueBearyBlueBeary Member Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Agreed 100%

  • FiddleheadNZFiddleheadNZ Member Posts: 71 ✭✭✭

    Also 100% disagree.

    At level 21 and a couple of weeks play, it is obvious how good the Season reset will be to keep the game fresh.

    Most POI are just resource centres, so tap and go interaction. Discovery is just a reveal of what resource they give.

    Quests require you to “discover” quantities of new ones, so changing it up regularly is a must.

    Resetting these regularly with seasons will stop the game getting stale.

    Settlements will need to be rebuilt, which is good too, as without this there would soon be little challenge or competition.

    Yoir personal settlement, gold and earned status is not reset.

  • FiddleheadNZFiddleheadNZ Member Posts: 71 ✭✭✭


    It doesn’t appear that you are actually playing CWE?!?

    So it is not helpful adding assumptions to a community forum with no actual game experience to base this on.

    Aim is for the Beta participants to report how the game progresses and “feels” on the ground running, to try to help Niantic get it ironed out satisfactorily for global release.

    Relax on the season reset... the gut feeling from most here is that it is going to be a good move. Think of it more like a highly visible Ingress checkpoint to work towards. Should encourage good competitive game play.

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 662 ✭✭✭✭

    @FiddleheadNZ, indeed, I’m not playing.

    But I’ve played games like Ingress and Pokemon Go which had that ”discover” feature implemented in some sense and the idea of them resetting just didn’t feel right so I was expressing my thoughts. 🙂

    Later I realized that you actually get some extra resources when discovering new POIs (new for that season). That may actually be a good thing if the game gives you incentive to return to already harvested area second time after a month for example. Also, I’m glad that you have positive feeling about it, it may actually work.

    The only exception may be the discovery badge. It would be nice if it counted uniques only.

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 662 ✭✭✭✭

    Or maybe additional unique POI discovery badge.

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