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Resetting my account without deleting

AisteruAisteru Member Posts: 1

I created my account and tried the game during my vacation in Italy, but I was not warned that the game could only be played in Switzerland as of now. This means that I placed my settlement in Italy.

Now, I came back to Switzerland, and I'd like to be able to place my settlement near my house. I tried deleting my account, but the email states that doing so renders my email address unusable to create another account.

How could I reset or safely delete my account in order to start over? I tried looking for the answer in the FAQ, the app, and in other places, but there aren't a lot of info on this...


  • soelversoelver Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

    You can buy a card in the shop, to place your settlement elsewhere :)

    It's at the bottom of the shop (with the $tag). Just look for the card called "Personal Settlement". The price is 400 coins. Same goes for Golden Settlement, if you've placed that already, and want to move it. Before you buy, check your inventory to see if you already have a relocate card.

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