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Suggestions for bonuses in the final seasons

SkindogSkindog Member Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

We have 58 days between the last day of this season, and closing day. Here are some of my thoughts for how the devs could make this fun for everyone, and go out with a bang!


Obviously these will be limited, so focusing on the most important ones:

  • Fix friends lists and Fabled Harvest invites so we can invite all of our friends, not just a select few.
  • Take away the geoblock. There are a bunch of people who have downloaded the app and have been dying to play, but can only play the very initial stages of the game. Without this change,they're never going to experience this great game. It's not going to result in new players etc, and we already saw in one previous season transition an accidental 'global rollout', so I'm guessing there's just one switch to ****.

That's all! While I'd personally love to see higher settlement tiers, new buildings, roads, and treasure maps, these are probably too big an ask given the wind down.

There are a few other annoying bugs, they're not game breaking, and I think most people would be happy if these were the only improvements.

Season lengths

57-58 days is a weird amount of time, and means at least one season will need to be something other than a multiple of 7 days. The announcement said something about the final 2 seasons, which assumes maybe a 28 day season and a 30 day season. Could I suggest 3 more seasons, perhaps 2x21 days, and a 16 day season?


Here's where we could have some fun. With just 2 months of the game left, a lot of people will not even get close to 'finishing' itwithout extra help. It would be great to see enough bonuses in place to give people a shot at getting all the badges, 5-hearting all the Catanians, and maxing out their Golden Settlements. Some things that would help with this are:

  • Remove the daily gold caps.
  • Cheaper/free Fabled Harvest tickets.
  • Bonanza for more than just the last 3 days (remember the time you accidentally left it on for most of a season?!).
  • Higher Catanian appearance rates (that time you did a Catanian Carnival was great, but in combination with other bonuses to make the quests easier would be amazing!).
  • Remove the one quest per day limit on Catanians.
  • Reduce the cooldown time for settlements.
  • Increase the interaction radius.
  • Remove the daily gift sending caps.

Anyone else got any other ideas to make sure the last 2 months is as good as this great game deserves?

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  • WindWind Member Posts: 788 ✭✭✭✭✭
    • “Remove the one quest per day limit on Catanians.”

    technically, that ingame text was misleading.... the Catanian quests refresh 2 hours after completion. @Skindog

    Anyways, my motivatiom for the game is the catanians and fill,out the hearts

    would be good to increase the spawns, the quest heart points(125—>2500) and the trade points (10 —>100)

    i would feel good with game leaving us on a high personally if i can get all 31 catanians to 5 hearts even if theres no capstone rewards, just the “better feeling of feeling accomplished”

    2 hours cooldown for harvests would be great again.

  • SkindogSkindog Member Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

    Oh and I forgot to add - it would be great to have other things to spend the last of our RP and EP on - I have 550,000 and 600 of them respectively.

    I'd been holding off buying Personal Gardens in the hope something better would be offered for the precious EP, but maybe that was a bit overly optimistic!

  • 0ZinkyZonk0ZinkyZonk Member Posts: 225 ✭✭✭

    All great ideas 😁. 2hrs harvest.

    I wanna build lots of settlements.

    I wanna do lots of fables too

    I wanna play so much Catan

    In seasons 8 through 11 my wolf pack used totems to build mega settlements. Lot of chatter about how best to build a settlement. The extra cost of totems changed that. So if we had zero token entry to settlements that would be awesome we could just go nuts with building mega settlements.

    Ideally I would be able to get blue, yellow and red to add to a settlement and we could have competitions to race to the most victory points. We could potentially use the fable mechanism to bring folk not able to settlement hop to the area near or at the build location.

    Catan us so awesome!

  • 0ZinkyZonk0ZinkyZonk Member Posts: 225 ✭✭✭

    Also if @AjanHukka can get the game in full I would really like to fable over to his part of the world and build some settlements.

  • SkindogSkindog Member Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

    Oohh allowing full map movement when moving your totem, so allowing players to move their totems more than a few km at a time. That would mean everyone could collaborate and play in the same area (giving us a taste of what the game might have been like if the game ever launched/was advertised).

  • GrogyanGrogyan Member Posts: 731 ✭✭✭✭

    Other than what has been suggested already.

    - I would like to see the Tier 4 and Tier 5 settlement buildings released

    - I would like to see the Epic and Legendary Catanian Quests released.

    Obviously these might not be fully fleshed out and may be buggy. But with 2 months to go, I'd say it might be OK to play with the bugs.

  • 9Mike56199Mike5619 Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
    edited 1:16AM

    Tapping on a POI moves it to the centre of the map. If there are enough surrounding POIs you can repeat the process indefinitely to move long distances. Zoom the map out to get more distance but only to a level where you can still see settlements.

    You only need to send the totem once you get to a spot where no more POIs are visible in the direction you are moving. I can get my totem from Gosford to Sydney (about 50km as the crow flies, a bit more via settlements) simply by skipping between Settlements and only "send totem" when I get to where I'm headed. If you know the populated areas and go those ways you shouldn't hit too many gaps...

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