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Read First: How to Report a Bug

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Hi all, please review this post before submitting bug reports!

Players can submit detailed bug reports, comment and add to other's reports, or upvote reports to indicate they are experiencing a similar issue. Moderators will respond to bug reports by changing their status. Here's a list of statuses and what they mean:

  • New Report - Default status for all new bug reports
  • Investigating - Moderators have escalated this bug to the dev team
  • Working On A Fix - Confirmed bug, we're determining the next steps
  • Resolved
  • Intended - Not a Bug - The issue described is not a bug
Quick Notes
  • Use the search bar to check if a similar issue was previously reported. Duplicate posts will be merged.
  • Upvote or comment on other posts to let us know that you've experienced the same issue.
  • Submit bugs individually to keep discussions on topic.

How To Write A Bug Report (Template)

This template is the most helpful to use when reporting a bug. Be sure to fill out as much information as you can, because it can help us identify trends and reproduce issues.

Title: Include a descriptive title in your bug report post.

Description: A brief description of the issue.

Steps to reproduce: Be specific about when or where you experienced the issue, and how we might be able to reproduce the issue ourselves.

Device: What make/model is your device?

Game version: What version of the game do you have downloaded?

Visual information: Add any helpful screenshots or videos of your issue.

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