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IllIll Member Posts: 13 ✭✭


Victory Point screen needs option to skip the animation or turn it off altogether. Maybe a turbo mode that turns off those animations of growing the settlement etc.

Dice and other games (cards?) available with special NPC's that appear randomly around settlements resource centres or/and while exploring, you can also buy basic cosmetics from them but playing can grant special cosmetics for winning.

You should implement an award for reaching a certain level or at some milestone that gives the player the ability to place an outpost that is publicly visible. It could have basic customisations. The player gets to place a building or two that the public can see and interact with. It could even be a place where the player can give away cards and/or trade other players by listing some resources like npcs???? 

Random Events (that are dismissable or can be ignored) by NPC's with cosmetic / resource / card prizes for winning, completing puzzles, and/or how quick you can do it. 


Shop gold should give a bonus for bigger purchases not give less gold than if you bought individual lots of 100 coins.

Offer a starter bundle (thats only purchasable once) with 1 of each boost and a cosmetic item for a very good deal.

Boost Cards

Increase interaction boost range to 30% or more. 20% is not enough for the price and I doubt it will see much use as it stands.

If a boost is used on a resource centre it should reset the daily gather limit for everyone (or just the person who used the boost?!). At the moment its absolutely not worth the money and quite frustrating because you hit the limit by 20 mins or so not utilising the entire boost time. Esentially paying 1/3 of the total amount for glitter and sparkles on something you can't use. 

For 250 coins the Scout boost should also harvest resources for the user. Could be a % chance of harvesting for you instead of guaranteed.

Bug Report

Doesn't play the visuals of the draw a new card, makes a draw sound though. Requires app restart to leave screen. New Card is in bag opening game back up with relative RP spent.

If you click on a settlement you haven't discovered to reveal it but exit quickly out of it, it causes the screen to freeze and you just see grass or black screen and requires reboot.

Dice throwing seems unreliable, I do the same swipe sometimes on two different dice but one gets yeeted of the map. 

Sometimes the dice will just fly off the board if another dice is hit into it.

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  • CataniusCatanius Member Posts: 172 ✭✭✭

    I agree but it's too many request in only one post... And other players have already made post with some of these requests.

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