Am I having fun? Are you? Am I playing the game correctly?

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(wasn't really sure where to put this, or even if I should post it)

I've been playing for 5 weeks and with the end of Season 3, I am wondering if I bother with Season 4. As a background I have been playing Pokemon Go since release (Level 40, 150 Million XP, 295k catches) and generally play that game before work, at lunch, after work, walking the dog and even during work with the help of the GoPlus. I have my significant amount of critical feedback towards Niantic and how they have significantly monetized the game, made new Pokemon hard to find or locked behind paywalls, blame the customer for any issues, silently make changes and have no way of getting in contact to escalate issues.

For all of those issues, Catan and the fact that this forum exists is a breath of fresh air.

However, already the game feels stale - but that could be due to misunderstanding how to actually play the game and thus I am playing it incorrectly. At the moment I gather some resources, walk to the closest settlement, convert excess resources for other resources, dump what I can into the settlement, spin the dice and then head towards the next. Depending on the distance, I may have to skip doing anything at those settlements aside from spinning the dice because I have no resources to add to the settlement.

Then I repeat the next day and the next until the season resets..

Maybe if the issue with not being able to see how many development cards are needed to upgrade unless you have one of those cards (and not being able to craft a card until you then use that card) is resolved, then maybe the issue I face when I head to settlements will make the experience more rewarding.

Not to mention my issue trying to run both Pokemon Go and Catan at the same time on the same phone (one game will close as soon as I switch from the other game and Catan takes so long to load)

In the end .. am I ranting, yes; did I need to get something off my chest, yes; but hopefully this sparks a conversation 😀


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    ^^ what Stallion said is my exact thoughts also.

    I like a fun, clean, competitive game and CWE has delivered that, where the previous Niantic games have all failed. We’re in early release and I’m interested to see where it goes once we get personal games and treasure maps thrown in plus any future content they may have on the roadmap. Lots of options for events but I really hope they adopt more of an Ingress style on that to avoid event burnout.

    A little bit of trash talk here and there but it’s all in good fun vs what I found to be quite a lot of toxicity in Ingress.

    I love that what I do doesn’t directly impact another team so there’s no need for all the misguided anger over a game.

    I was one of the more hardcore WU players for the last year. Have pretty much given up on it now due to all the new changes catering to casuals and ignoring the more dedicated players. PoGo didn’t hold anything for me past L40 x 2. It’s all about shiny hunting and that got stale pretty quickly.

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    I only played HPWU for about a week; that seemed more like a sticker game than Pokemon Go is - at least the different Pokemon have different uses.

    Good to see other peoples view of the game; I agree that it might just be early days and I am venting about nothing.

    Though I will continue to push to be able to see more details at settlements when in range but not physically there and being able to see more details when physically at a settlement but out of development cards

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    Looking at all the other games from Beta to where they are now. None are the same. We are testing features. Trying to help make the game better for those that get it later.

    We just get the advantage of being able to learn the nuances of the game first

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    I may be considered a casual player, since I don't generally leave the house just to play, but I'm loving the game so far. Resetting things at the start of a new season is both a challenge and just plain exciting! And I'm really glad that it's competitive, while not being harsh about it- you build your settlements up rather than tearing others' down.

    I'm excited to see what other features get added!

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    With another season almost at a close, I find myself still playing the game but I am looking forward to finding Catan Quests and shrubs rather than actually heading towards a settlement..

    I still use settlements more as a dumping zone and to even out resources by trading rather than with any sort of strategy

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