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The Season is almost over!

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Greetings Explorer!

Those bells ringing in the distance signal the approach of the end of the Season! 

Only one day remains and the scores aren’t final yet... the end of a Season can get particularly wild, and it’s the Faction with the most points when all is over that gets to celebrate.

Don’t stop exploring just yet! There’s plenty more world to see, Settlements to improve, Resources to harvest, and Quests to complete.

Above all, there are more Victory Points out there, waiting to be won!

END OF SEASON BONUS: In the last 72 hours of a season, we will have special gameplay and improved rewards to ensure an exciting finish. You can claim a free Epic Mini Game Card now! 

Additionally, Mini Game rewards increase as the time counts down:

  • 2x rewards final 72 hours
  • 3x rewards final 48 hours
  • 4x rewards final 24 hours

Your Season rewards (XP and Achievements) will be based on how much you contributed to your faction. Keep it up and reap the rewards!

Don’t let the other Factions catch you napping... push on to victory! Good luck!

Note: When the season ends, there will be 30 minutes of downtime. This will occur on Wednesday between 8:00-8:30 AM NZST.

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