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Mayor Bonus - 5 hour dice rolls no longer in game?

fiyahflashfiyahflash Member Posts: 287 ✭✭✭

One of the few perks of being a mayor was the timer for dice rolls at settlements was reduced to 5 hours (from 6); the issue as discussed in other bug reports is that it never worked. It would sit on 0.00.00 until the 6 hours was up.

On my way to work this morning I spun the dice at three settlements I was mayor on; each of these settlements showed that the timer starting at 6 hours to the next dice roll, rather than 5 hours.

So my question - is this a bug, or has the fix for the bad 5 hour timer been to just remove it from the game, thus removing a benefit/perk of being mayor?

Pixel 3a, Android 10, 1.10.1

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  • CATANFionaCATANFiona Administrator Posts: 344 Admin

    Hello - We have been through several releases since this issue was raised, and there haven't been any recent upvotes or comments to this post. This leads us to believe this issue may be fixed. Please let us know if the bug reported is still occurring by upvoting this issue, otherwise we will be closing it out. Thank you!

  • FulmynFulmyn Member Posts: 2 ✭✭
    edited November 2020

    The bug is still there. There isn't advantages in becoming mayor.

  • CATANFionaCATANFiona Administrator Posts: 344 Admin

    Hi Explorers - The shorter cooldown time for becoming Mayor at a Settlement was removed from the game some time ago, but we are going to be revamping the Mayor system, so stay tuned.

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