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PalOomPalOom Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

Just to let everyone know, I will just write down what ever comes to my mind in no particular order. It will be quite a lot to read because I write everything at once and won't make a post for each point.

- For new players the game needs more explanations ( what does stuff mean) for example I walked to a park ( half an hour walk) to do the "park play quest" and failed because in the park I went to there is no park play. (I found out later what it means) The closest park I have for park play is 1.5h walk wich I did once with my dog because I drove by that park (as a passenger) and the main park play quest turned up. When I was at the park I figured out that I can only get 25% of the quest done at that park and since then the quest is at rest without progress and whenever I get a park play quest I don't except it, ever.

The badges what do they mean? How much for the next lvl? How many lvls are there what do I get reaching it? For example: "Surveyor" - "points of interest discovered 10" what's a point of interest? What did I get? what's the next lvl? How many points do I allready have? What will I get achieving the next lvl?

At a village how do I become the mayor? What's the point of being mayor? Can I write to the mayor somehow?

Why is lvling up good? what do I earn by lvling up?

Why can nobody see what I allready achieved?(for example my mainbase) Why is there no leader board? ( make a leader board and at the leader board you can look at the mainbase - then you avoid to let people know where somebody lives but people who are proud of theire base can show it to everyone) (a key point in ptw games - with the insane gold cost for buildings and tiles)

I miss "settlers of Catan" in this game. It would be nice to have elements of the original game in here as well. I don't build roads, I don't build villages, I can't buy cards, to play a knight to safe me from the robber and so on. (maybe in the future you can combine this game with the settlers of Catan app and you can challange other players to a game of settlers of Catan. (more minigame would be nice. Like "fishing minigame" at ponds and lakes or "defend against the barberians" or "the Inca attack" at a museum or at a field? I don't know figure something out 😉

- the gold cost for your "main city" is way to high first building 50g second 250g third 1000g (1000gold is about 20 days of playing) so you want me to play 20days without doing anything at my home base? Give me more cards, make the reward lower, so I can do more. (waiting for 20 days to do something is boring)

The main city should be redesigned.

(after 1 month of playing) My thought on how to plan the main city was: it is basically the best with the insane gold cost to build every "on roll building" in the first circle because then, you have after 2 completed circles, 3rss tiles on each and on the outside you put the "tap to gain buildings" because the third circle you won't finish because you wanna upgrade your buildings first. If you do that you won't have any "tap on building" for at least 4months (approximately, I couldn't calculate it yet) the first tap on buildings reward you every 4 days but you only know that after you build it. Again more explanations pls.

If you start playing you have no idea what kind of buildings there are so I ended up putting a "tap to gain building" on a "star field".(the option to switch two buildings in your home base would be great. it can cost something like gold let's say half the amount it would cost to remove it and place it again and at the start you get one free swap but the way it is at the moment is frustrating. With time you start to understand the game and realize that your mistake did cost you a lot of rss in the beginning and a lot of time and fixing it will cost even more.

In the beginning it was really nice to discover places I didn't know about like a fountain that I've never seen before in my neighborhood or any other place but then I got the "discover quests" and for these quests it is better not to discover alot and just discover when you have the quest. It is really difficult if you discovered alot to do the discover quests it is so difficult that I ended up scipping them and do like 10 other quests instead because it would take me days to finish them.

Inequality of quests "play harvest dice at 10 settlements" gives the same amount of xp as the "walk 500" walk 500 is finished when you walk from one settlement to the next... Parkplayquest is impossible ( for me) for others it might be verry easy.

There is nothing new... you walk the same path everyday (the most efficient one) because everything is allways at the same place and you have the same tiles every day, you discover a few scrubs (wich grant maybe a card or money 5 or 10rp... But again allways the same) and nthat's it. It would be better to be able to discover the rss from day to day or week to week new. (more excitement) and it would be nice to just find new things to collect or to decorate your home base with or more minigames... Just something.

The ultimate goal is missing. There is littarally no reason to make points in this game other than getting points for your Fraktion. But Your Fraktion was first in your region - no reward. Your Fraktion was first world wide - no reward. You did alot of points yourself - you got gold reward but again... explanations... How many points for gold? How can I see how many points I am missing for next medal? How many points do I get for what action?

At a village when you upgrade a tile but not fully, and you Klick on upgrade a tile it gives you a different tile and not the one allready started.

If you craft a card and you wanna place it afterwards you have to search for the card again it doesn't directly go to the card crafted recently.

Bugs are really frequent.

Desyncronisation is really annoying especially in totem form.

Sometimes you don't know if you encountered a bug because of no explanations. I was able to build a rare building although I haven't finished discovering the uncommon buildings (happened twice) and I thought OK cool the game gave me a rare building because I pushed the city to lvl 50+ and I come back the next day and the building is gone... So it was a bug...?!?

Dicetoss games sometimes don't give you all the rss earned.

Sometimes the server doesn't react and you end up spending totem points on entering villages and you never enter them.

Sometimes you throw a dice and you completely kick another dice completely of the map in a really wierd way.

Two dice in two different games can visually land at the exact same spot one giving 3 rss tiles and one giving only one.

Harvest dice doesn't give the numbers rolled.

Sorry for only telling the bad things but if I wouldn't like the game so far, I wouldn't have taken the time to write this. 😁

I am really looking forward to seeing what this game will become in the future and I hope my feedback can help you. If you have any questions pls just ask.

Screenshots are for a few of the bugs encountered.

Yours sincerely

A big Catan fan 🤣

Loading times and animation times are not skipable.

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  • GrogyanGrogyan Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭

    These are all bugs that we have reported since the beta in NZ came out.

    We are still waiting on fixes

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭

    I was actually glad to read that most of the problems you were annoyed with are exactly those bugs that are well known and reported countless times. You seemingly didn’t find anything totally new. 😅

  • PalOomPalOom Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    edited October 16

    Little update the "rare buildings" in the settlement didn't disappear. I just checked 😁 I have them so not sure if it's a bug or a bonus?!

    And then I nearly played my self into a stalemate:

    Harvest dice at your personnel settlement let's you go over the rss limit with the harvest yesterday night and today I ended up with 86/70 cards and I was allready over the top with alot of dice toss games 47/45 something like that (you can probably check that) so what happened was I played a statue card and I was still over card limit and wanted to craft 10 other statue cards to get rid of my rss. But I couldn't because it said "card limit reached." luckily for me I had exactly 3 playable other cards so I dropped below card limit to be able to craft the statue cards. Otherwise I would have had to walk to another settlement where I could play these 3 cards.

    Or I would need to sell the cards wich would bring me under card limit but at the moment I didn't think of that.

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭
    edited October 16

    Some points that came to mind.

    -If park doesn’t have park play it probably means that the park is not marked correctly as a park in OSM. In that case you should edit that. However, be sure that those absolutely are parks.

    -Leveling up doesn’t do much. You get some extra inventory space though if you didn’t max it right away with gold

    -Personal settlement is not very important for the basic gameplay. It’s more like a premium extra thing in this game for whales. F2P player is able to max it in about 5 years.

    -Game is new every 4 weeks, the whole board resets and new season begins

    -The ultimate goal of the game is to win faction competition. That’s the big main goal, much like Ingress, but this game seemingly promotes the competition stats better. (Except individual leaderboard which doesn’t exist which is a shame.)

  • SnoopyzellSnoopyzell Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    I am so in agreement with these comments...

    With regards to the levels... It's now taking me about two weeks to level up to the next level... At level 25... But for what point? I don't gain anything for all the work.... At the beginning and earlier leves I received cards which gave me benefits, now it's along slog of work between levels for no benefit.

    The personal settlement is the only one worth investing in as it's the only one which continues, however the ability to grow it is too slow.

    The dice rolls in my personal settlement have been almost all the same two numbers over the past two weeks... Which is really frustrating. 40% number 12 , 40% of rolls number 7 and the remaining 20% I get a more random number.

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭

    Leveling up is supposed to be slow, it’s a long term goal. Getting many 12s is just pure bad RNG

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭

    Actually I just saw some reports about Catanian quests. They start to give more XP the further you increase the friendship.

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