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Golden settlement - how to move buildings?

SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
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Hi All,

I kinda stuffed up at the start and placed less-than-ideal buildings on the two starting hexes.

I'd really like to move them. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?


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  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    Re the above - if I can't move buildings is there any way to reset my account?

  • WindWind Member Posts: 151 ✭✭✭

    Go to said cards and click icon (think on top right) that can return to backpack

  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @XRMMAI Thank you, you're a legend!! I'm happy to wear the gold cost just to be able to shift my buildings to better locations.

    Really appreciate you responding. :D

  • FinnoFinno Member Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Does this still work? I can't find the icon mentioned.

  • CATANGrayCATANGray Moderator Posts: 24 Moderator

    Hey @Finno - The feature is not available anymore. All activity in your Personal Settlement will reset after the Season ends. Every Season you'll get a chance to make changes like a regular Settlement but on the plus side you'll be in charge over it. 😄

    Note - Seasons do not impact Golden Settlement and you can apply the changes to it accordingly.

  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @CATANGray, @Finno - at the time I made this post Personal settlements were what is now referred to as Golden settlements.

    Golden settlements don't reset which was why I wanted to move something.

    However, the irony was that I moved it, had the setup I wanted and then the next update changed how some of the things functioned and made the change I'd made pretty useless! I'm not shifting things around again though given that I could end up in the same situation.


  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @Finno - I just checked and the backpack icon is still there for buildings in your Golden settlement.

    Just don't do what I did! I went to check for you and hit cancel to back out but it still registered and removed my building. And I can't put it back at the moment as I don't have enough gold. Why was the user interface that sensitive? Sigh. :-(

  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @CATANGray - is there any chance you could update the subject line for this post and change Personal to Golden so that no-one else gets confused?

  • CATANGrayCATANGray Moderator Posts: 24 Moderator

    Well said @Serendip, indeed the feature was available for Personal Settlement earlier when Golden Settlement was yet to be launched.

    Also, there is an ongoing issue with the Golden Settlement where when you press 'Cancel' it removes the building, and when you hit 'Remove' it works as cancel and these 2 buttons are working in opposite.

    And it looks like you were a victim of this visual glitch. 😃 No problem, please reach out to our support team to get back the refund for the unintended action.

    Also, I have changed the subject line as you asked for a more accurate discussion.

  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @CATANGray - thanks so much for the quick response and for changing the subject line but, uhm, how do I 'reach out to the support team'? Are you not part of it? Is there a formal form I need to use?

  • CATANGrayCATANGray Moderator Posts: 24 Moderator

    I'm working as a moderator, sadly I can't give a resolution to the issue you faced. You need to reach out to the in-game support, let me guide you on how to reach out to the support team.

    Open the app, tap on the three lines on the right side of the home screen and tap "get support". Then in the top right corner tap "contact us". From there please explain your issue and select "other" in the options menu. This will connect you to an agent and help you with your issue accordingly. 


  • SerendipSerendip Member Posts: 37 ✭✭

    @CATANGray Thank you!!

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