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Game Update 1.20.1

CATANFionaCATANFiona Administrator Posts: 418 Admin
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Hi Explorers,

Here are the release notes for app version 1.20.1.

What’s New:

• Personal Settlement:  At the start of the game, players now get a new Personal Settlement that they can place anywhere they'd like, accessible only to them. It behaves similar to a shared Community Settlement, but it is private and is meant to get you into the game faster!

• What used to be called the Personal Settlement is now known as the Golden Settlement! It behaves exactly the same as before, just with a more appropriate name.

• Nearly 200 bug fixes!

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed: The issue where players did not become Mayor despite contributing the most resources to a Settlement has been fixed. 

• Fixed: Resource Tiles in a Settlement are no longer all the same.

• Fixed: The Season countdown in the scoring tab is no longer in German. 

• Fixed: The Gilda quest should no longer show {hour} instead of the time. 

• Fixed: The Resource Card syncing issue is resolved.

• Fixed: The dice toss Minigame should show all resources rewarded now. 

Thank you!

-The CATAN - World Explorers Team

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  • CatanCatan Member Posts: 5 ✭✭

    Я поставил личный расчет и бросил в него кости. Но после перезапуска игры он исчез... Вернется ли он после выхода игры в моем регионе?

  • WindWind Member Posts: 667 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey...does this involves the QoL improvement for minigames in the “ next “when chaining mini games after mini games?

  • CatanCatan Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
  • CharmqCharmq Member Posts: 233 ✭✭✭

    The personal settlement resets with the season as well?

  • CharmqCharmq Member Posts: 233 ✭✭✭

    I updated and timer resync issue for resources :(

  • AjanHukkaAjanHukka Member Posts: 602 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    There were some reports that it may require a total reinstallation of the game to make it work properly with this new version.

  • SchnuefuSchnuefu Member Posts: 253 ✭✭✭

    @Catanius the community center DOES reward ressources it was only nerfed. Have you made the update and restarted the game...?

  • CATANFionaCATANFiona Administrator Posts: 418 Admin

    @Charmq All Personal Settlements are reset at the end of the season.

  • EarthtoneEarthtone Member Posts: 29 ✭✭

    The email says that there is detail about card rebalancing changes at the community site, but there are no details

  • CoelacanthMakiCoelacanthMaki Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
    edited November 2020

    Where's the change log? Also, am I correct that the Library, Treasury, and several Tier 3 resource cards are pointless in their ability to produce anything?

    What's going on? We worked hard to unlock these cards for their bonuses, only to have them disappear entirely - and not just nerfed? That's not "rebalancing," that's chaos.

    That's not ethical for those people who may have spent actual money on this game.

  • FiddleheadNZFiddleheadNZ Member Posts: 65 ✭✭✭


    New Personal Settlement gained yesterday with the new update, has promptly disappeared with the start of the new season today!!! 😩

    Multiple reports of this throughout player chats, being consistent with all players that updated yesterday.

    Disastrous and demoralising start to a new season 😰

  • CataniusCatanius Member Posts: 239 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    @AjanHukka @Schnuefu I have uninstalled the game then install it again from the Google play store. But the problem stays.

    @CATANdominik @CATANFiona Thank you dev team to change the effect of our favorite golden settlement card. I have maxed my community center for 3800 gold and now I can just destroy it and replace it by another better card. If it changes not back I will leave the game too.

  • OberoonOberoon Member Posts: 3 ✭✭

    What happens to the treasurey card?? It doesn't show the gold earning anymore..... Why??

  • CharmqCharmq Member Posts: 233 ✭✭✭

    And all the dice games gone from quest rewards! Yikes! Not sure if i like that. I tend to complete those resources kinda quest to get dice games to complete others. Though the rewards now are development cards which are probably worth more resources, the problem is that i cant choose what i want for reward (as compared to previously, if the quest was to get wool, u are likely to get wool dice cards so u sorta know what u r getting)

  • NuhkNuhk Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

    Unfortunately i have to aggree with you: @Oberoon @Catanius @CoelacanthMaki i don't like these change at all. If these is intended and not an error, with the folloing building have no effects anymore, the strategic posabilities are much less than before:

    • bell tower
    • library
    • treasury
    • And all lvl 3 buildings i have so far

    Buildings in settlements with no ongoing effect feels boring for me. I know getting points ist the goal of the game, but placing a building just for points early in the season is a bad feeling. And as i sad, it has no strategic aspect.

    I would love to see that every building has an ongoing effect and every building matters in the sense of where i place it and what i'm getting longterm.

  • OberoonOberoon Member Posts: 3 ✭✭

    @Nuhk yes... Very sad... For what would we need cards with no affect?! The VP cards are nice but there is no fun to use them or work for these cards....! :(

  • SchnuefuSchnuefu Member Posts: 253 ✭✭✭

    @Nuhk @Oberoon @CoelacanthMaki The cards still give the effects as before. They just kinda deleted the discription for it, maybe through a missing link in the database to the respective attribute.

  • CataniusCatanius Member Posts: 239 ✭✭✭

    @CATANdominik @CATANFiona Thank you dev team to change the effect of our favorite golden settlement card. Now the community center is not enough valuable to stay in the center... After I maxed it for 3800 gold I can just destroy it "for free" and replace it by another better building. If nothing changes back I will leave the game.

    I'm not alone to think that:

  • SoylentGrienSoylentGrien Member Posts: 35 ✭✭

    Still haven't fixed the dice physics. Getting sick of approx 10% of them being pinged into orbit from the slightest touch or when the tiles pop up.

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