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Can't click on a Catanian

CargoCargo Member Posts: 7 ✭✭

Twice this morning, I have seen a Catanian but couldn't click on them. In both cases, they had the heart symbol indicating a friendship quest. I have two completed friendship quests, three in progress and one completed.

Pixel 5

Android 11

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Bug: Investigating · Last Updated

We are investigating this issue. Bug #14834


  • CATANFionaCATANFiona Administrator Posts: 239 Admin

    Hi @Cargo or anyone else encountering this issue, if you see this again can you double tap your phone with 5 fingers (this will capture your player logs and copy them to your clipboard) and send them over to support? Just say Fiona sent you 😉 Our engineers and QA team can take a look and see if there's something going on there.

  • WindWind Member Posts: 152 ✭✭✭
    edited January 1

    This issue still around, this is mostly due to the fact you already clicked on a Catanian at an earlier location in the same playing session then when see same Catanian in another location, that one is unclickaboe unless you restart. Happened many times to me but i knew what catanian i was expectimg if i couldnt click on one.. cauz it was one i saw earlier in the session at a different location. @CATANFiona

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